The TJPF grants funding requests that apply to one or more of the following mission areas: TJHSST Academic Excellence, TJHSST Alumni Engagement, or STEM Outreach within our local community. The TJPF has a specific grant application for all TJHSST school organizations and TJHSST student groups to use. If your organization is not a TJHSST school organization or TJHSST student group, then your organization must use the TJPF Mission-Based application. TJPF grant applications are now digital and can be accessed using the links below. The TJPF recommends backing up all information and answers to a separate document as you go in the case of a technological error.

Before beginning the appropriate application, the TJPF recommends interested parties read the TJPF Granting Policy and Process, and TJPF Grant Reporting Requirements to fully understand the associated requirements and process steps that the TJ Partnership Fund expects all applicants to adhere to. If you have any questions, contact Tanuja Tase, Development Coordinator, at

TJPF Grant Policy and Process

TJPF Grant Reporting Requirements

Sample Student Group Grant Application Budget

Mission-Based Grant Application

School Organization Grant Application

Student Group Grant Application