The 2019-2020 TJPF Student Ambassador application is due Friday, October 4th by 5pm.

Learn more about the program here.

The TJPF Student Ambassadors are liaisons, spokespeople, and advocates for TJHSST and the TJPF.

The Student Ambassadors lead tours of the school, work with the TJPF staff to thank donors, and organize STEM outreach opportunities.

"I hope to be the voice of TJ. I take pride in conveying TJ students' accomplishments, student experiences at TJ, and the passion for technology instilled by the teachers."

-Kavya, TJ '19, Networking Trip Student Ambassador

2017-18 TJPF Student Ambassadors

Christopher Bi, ‘19

Khushmeet Chandi, ‘21

Sophia Cheng, ‘20

Raunak Daga, '21

Isabelle Deng, ‘20

Zoe Gomez-So, ‘20

Clare Heinbaugh, ‘19

Dheeraj Jassal, ‘19

Grace Mak, ‘20

David Mead, ‘20

Nandhana Nair, ‘19

Sean Nguyen, ‘21

Hikma Redi, ‘20

Eric Sun, ‘19

Aarushi Tripathy, ‘20

Aaron Wadhwa, ‘19

Student Ambassador Networking Trips

During Spring Break, the TJPF hosts Student Ambassador Alumni Networking Trips. This spring, students visited San Francisco and New York City where they met alumni working in each city's top companies. All Student Ambassadors are invited to join the trips, while other TJ students are also given the opportunity to participate.

"I realized from my interactions with TJ alumni in the Bay Area, that there is a limitless world out there for me and all of my peers at TJ to pursue anything that we’re interested in. I learned that we might not realize it now, but as TJ students, we are being prepared to change the world. I’m so thankful for everything the TJ Partnership Fund and the TJ alumni system does to make sure TJ remains the great place that it is!" - DJ, TJ '19, 2017-18 Student Ambassador

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