The STEMbassadors program began in 2013. It is an opportunity for TJ students, as well as students from other area high schools, to share their love for all things STEM with local elementary and middle-school youth. STEMbassadors facilitate STEM activities in elementary and middle school classrooms across the region and serve as role models for young learners.

STEMbassadors runs throughout the school year but is particularly active during the summer months when requests for volunteers from local elementary and middle schools run highest. STEMbassadors have served in over 100 area schools, including many Title 1 institutions, and fostered an appreciation for STEM in countless students. To learn more about the program and its impact from those who participated in STEMbassadors this summer, click here.

For more information on the STEMbassador program, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please email Miriam Lamoreaux at

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