LIFT Scholars

The Learning through Inquiry, Fellowship, and Tutoring (LIFT) program began in June 2015 with a two-year grant from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (JCKF). Its goal is to prepare and encourage local 7th—and 8th-grade students to pursue STEM educational opportunities, and particularly to consider applying to TJ. Through the LIFT program, talented young scholars are granted the opportunity to participate in STEM courses, engage with TJ mentors, and attend test-prep sessions to help prepare for the TJ admissions exam -- opportunities that might not otherwise be possible for many of LIFT’s participants.

When the term of the JCKF grant expired in 2017, the Partnership Fund, inspired by the LIFT mission and committed to bringing STEM to more students, stepped in to fill the funding gap, allocating $50,000 to ensure the program would continue uninterrupted. The PF is dedicated to increasing the number of LIFT program participants admitted to TJ and to ensuring that 7th-and 8th-graders with a budding interest in STEM are given the greatest chance to develop this passion.

For more information on the LIFT program, please email Tanuja Tase at at