International Partners

Opportunities for International Partners

As one of the nation’s leading STEM high schools, TJ has served as an inspiration and informal model for public and private schools in the United States and abroad. TJ is widely considered a leading model for STEM education, is firmly committed to the STEM pipeline, and believes strongly in its unique role as a champion and promoter for STEM education. The school and its students have created and participate broadly in extensive outreach programs and are engaged year-round in growing and exciting the STEM pipeline domestically and internationally.

Since 1993, TJ has collaborated with the State Department to provide a one-week summer training session for overseas school employees that focuses on using technology to improve teaching and network administration. The Jefferson Overseas Schools Technology Institute (JOSTI) features presentations by technology specialists, including TJ faculty, staff, and students. Through this program, TJ helps to increase global awareness, understanding, and use of technology.

International Partnerships

TJ is also engaged in international partnerships which have provided the opportunity for cross-cultural academic collaboration, best practice sharing, as well as campus visits. Current and potential future partnerships are intended to promote academic growth among students, professional growth among faculty, and advance international understanding.

When working with TJ and the international partnership coordinators at the TJ Partnership Fund, partners have access to:

Best practices inspiration for STEM curriculum development
Guidance on introducing or modifying curriculum
Recommendations and input on lab and classroom design, as well as supporting facility design
Suggestions on research projects, with potential for collaboration
Examples of TJ instructional practices and pedagogy in relation to STEM curriculum and lab utilization
Supporting discussion sessions with TJ faculty and administration that illustrate and explain recommendations
Best practices inspiration for auditing systems and processes to track and optimize student learning progress
Recommendations for after-school programs that promote, complement and enhance curriculum
Customized, interactive teacher workshops
Engaging day-long student immersion seminars
Assistance recruiting head-of-school and other administrative staff, as well as instructional staff
Virtual video-conference workshops and content-based collaboration opportunities for educators

For more information about international partnerships with TJ, please contact Aristia Kinis, Executive Director, TJ Partnership Fund, at