Student Ambassadors

The TJPF Student Ambassadors are liaisons, spokespeople, and advocates for TJHSST and the TJPF.

The Student Ambassadors lead tours of the school, work with the TJPF staff to thank donors, and organize STEM outreach opportunities.

2017-18 TJPF Student Ambassadors:
Tanvi Haldankar, TJ '18, Co-President
Emily Quan, TJ '18, Co-President
Eric Sun, TJ '19, Vice President
Christopher Bi, TJ '19
Clare Heinbaugh, TJ'19
DJ Jassal, TJ '19
Sami Kale, TJ '19
David Mead, TJ '20
Nandhana Nair, TJ '19
Hikma Redi, TJ '20

During Spring Break, the TJPF hosts Student Ambassador Alumni Networking Trips. In March, students traveled to San Francisco and New York City to meet with alumni working in top companies. All Student Ambassadors are invited to join the trips, while more TJ students are also given the opportunity to participate.

From top: 2017-18 TJPF Student Ambassadors; students visiting Twitter HQ on their recent networking trip to San Francisco; students meeting Howard Lerman, TJ alumnus and founder of Yext, in NYC.