Board Committees

Excellence Committee — The mission of the Excellence Committee is to support innovative student experiences and help TJ students achieve academic excellence. The Excellence Committee provides funding that enables research labs and classrooms to acquire the materials and advanced instrumentation that keeps TJ at the forefront of STEM education. It is also responsible for developing and funding those programs prioritized by the TJ administration, such as tjSTAR, that enrich the student intellectual and academic experience and advance TJ’s unique research-driven curriculum.

Alumni Engagement Committee — The Alumni Engagement Committee develops and helps fund programs and events to serve the TJ alumni community. It invests in data collection and communication strategies to help build an active alumni network that ensures former students stay connected to TJ. The mission of the Alumni Engagement Committee is to cultivate meaningful and sustained alumni participation and, ultimately, to increase alumni support for TJ and the PF.

STEM Outreach Committee — The STEM Outreach Committee develops and helps fund programs designed to excite interest in STEM learning among students and educators throughout the region. It works with students and teachers to bring TJ’s state-of-the-art technologies and specialized equipment to the broader community. The STEM Outreach Committee also supports programs and initiatives that encourage youth from all walks of life- low-income students, girls, and other under-represented groups- to pursue STEM education and academic opportunities at TJ. Its mission is to help ensure that TJ remains a leader not only in STEM education but in community service.