During the COVID-19 Crisis, the TJ Partnership Fund:

  • Led the effort, along with the TJ PTSA and TJ Booster groups, to support urgent and important needs across the broader FCPS community for distance learning. HI
  • Purchased equipment and supplies for TJ educators to ease the transition to distance learning.
  • Distributed $25 gift cards to every TJ staff member during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Launched a new virtual student-alumnus virtual chat program, where small groups of TJ students are able to connect and learn from TJ alumni across the country.

Together in 2019-2020, the TJ Partnership Fund:

  • Provided invaluable information to parents about the opportunities available to their students in the senior research labs by hosting the Research Wing and Lab Open House.
  • Hosted the Class of 1989’s 30 Year Reunion, where the iconic TJ statue, Today is Tomorrow, was rededicated in their honor.
  • Connected TJ educators and alumni at the National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools (NCSSS) annual conference in Seattle.
  • Granted funds to upgrade the microscopes in the Geosystems department and in our senior research labs.
  • Partnered with TJ Admissions Outreach to fund K-12 STEM outreach programs in the FCPS community.
  • Assisted educators with funding support for access to unique professional development opportunities, including conferences, workshops, and specialized STEM education trainings.
  • Helped fund numerous student clubs and extracurricular activities, including CubeSat, Rocketry Club, FIRST Tech Challenge, Chess Team, Environmental Science Club, and more.
  • Celebrated 20 years of empowering limitless potential at TJ.

Together in 2018-2019, the TJ Partnership Fund:

  • Assisted teachers with funding support for access to professional conferences, workshops, and memberships
  • Facilitated unique classroom experiences in our school including the student-led tjSTAR symposium
  • Helped fund clubs and extracurricular activities such as the Rocketry Club, HackTJ, Techstravaganza, and the Bioinformatics Society
  • Facilitated a Student Ambassador trip for our students to visit and learn from TJ alumni in the San Francisco Bay region
  • Provided funds to purchase unique and state of the art equipment to help make sure all students have access to the resources they need for an innovative learning environment